Remington's Grilling Sauce and Marinade
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The Marinade

Grilling with RemingtonsFLAVOR PROFILE

REMINGTON'S base of soy, worcestershire and white vinegar is specially blended with bouillon, subtle wood flavors, garlic and tropical fruit undertones to achieve a delicious, softer flavor that is ideal for all fine meats, beef, poultry, pork, lamb, wild-game, seafood and vegetables. The REMINGTON'S flavor is sure to please most any taste, and complement most any favorite grilled meat or vegetable.

REMINGTON'S comes packaged with a Trigger Spray-Nozzle for direct spray-basting to grilled and smoked foods. Just spray REMINGTON'S , as desired, on foods as they cook on the grill.


REMINGTON'S is terrific as a pure marinade, a "dry rub" or "seasoned salt" companion, a baste for grilling, a slow roast or stir-fry sauce, a base for dressings, and as a "table sauce" for dipping and pouring during a meal. It is a smooth and versatile flavor that allows for a great deal of creativity - both, outdoors and in the kitchen.

Our Flavors


Only high quality and naturally processed ingredients are used to make REMINGTON'S. It is a smoother, finer and more versatile marinade that is designed to complement and enhance food's flavors - not drown them out.

REMINGTON'S is an honest, "lighter" marinade – proudly made without MSG or heavy concentrations of salt so commonly found in most marinades and sauces today. It is ideal for short or long–term marinating and use as a "table sauce" during a meal, in addition to being a great "baste" during the grilling or smoking process. REMINGTON'S is for people who appreciate good food and love its preparation and cooking process.